New build, Cofton Hill

Modern Timber Framed House

Our current project is our biggest to date, a modern timber framed 2 storey 5 bedroomed house on Cofton Hill. The project uses the latest building methods and materials such as glulams – structural engineered wood in place of steels, and eco joists. The finished build will feature cantilevered balcony projections with aluminium windows and doors and an exterior consisting of a mix of render and cladding.

The photos show our progress to date, building up from the block base to ground floor plate level, building a structural garden wall and installing the glulams and eco joists. A large outside ply decked area has also been constructed at the rear of the house.

We are now in the process of building panels for the ground floor of the house and begining construction of the timber frame.

More updates to follow…









































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