Bespoke storage

Our initial order from Brownlie Woodworks a number of years ago, was for a custom bookcase and cabinet to fit into a chimney corner with a slanting upper side. There was no way that a normal furniture store could have provided an satisfactory solution. Because we were very pleased with the result, which was to a very high standard of finish, we have had further custom cabinets made. These cabinets latter include glazed doors and make the best use of the rather limited space available in our rooms.

As my hobby is music and Hi Fi, we have worked together designing and building equipment racks, amplifier bases and also storage shelves for my record collection. The racks are modular in nature allowing additional shelves to be added as and when a need arises. They have all been manufactured to my individual requirements and have greatly improved the sound of my system. They are very attractive in appearance with a combination of maple shelves and sapele mahogany uprights.

We have found Mr. Brownlie is capable of adapting to our very individual requirements and of producing more than adequate and pleasing solutions.

Thoroughly recommended.


Bespoke storage